Jackery Explorer 1000 vs Bluetti EB150 – Solar Power Station Comparison

The Jackery Explorer 1000 and the MAXOAK BLUETTI EB150 are two of the best portable power stations on the market today. These power generators can power all your electronic devices using clean solar power from optional solar panels. 

It can be difficult to make a decision when looking for the best portable solar generator. The best option is going to have enough power to charge your devices and the right features to fit your needs. 

The best solar generators provide clean energy for your outdoor activities at an affordable price. They are also a great option for van camping, outdoor RV camping, road trip camping, tent camping, home use in case of a power outage or to power your medical devices in emergency situations. 

A side-by-side image of the Jackery Explorer 1000 and the Maxoak Bluetti EB150
Jackery Explorer 1000 vs Maxoak Bluetti EB150

These portable power stations are the perfect power source for a remote job site to your power tools or other portable devices. 

They provide portable power with a variety of output ports that will accommodate all your small devices like cell phones, laptops and digital cameras to small appliances like an air conditioner or cpap machine. 

The Jackery Explorer 1000 and the BLUETTI EB150 are very similar in their price and features, but have some slight differences. This comparison is designed to help you decide which portable generator is best for your solar energy needs. 

There are a lot of different power stations on the market and list is always growing. The Goal Zero Yeti is often thought of as a top pick when it comes to the solar generator market.

However, Jackery and MAXOAK beat Goal Zero when it comes to customer reviews and ratings. 

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Jackery Explorer 1000 vs Bluetti EB150

Jackery Explorer 1000Bluetti EB150
Watt-hours (Wh)1002Wh Power Station1500Wh Power Station
AC Output Wattage1000W (2000W peak)1000W (1200W peak)
BatteryLithium-Ion BatteryLithium Polymer Battery
Charge Cycles5002500+
Solar ControllerMPPT Charge ControllerMPPT Charge Controller
InverterPure Sine Wave InverterPure Sine Wave Inverter
AC Outlets3 – 110V wall outlet2 – 110V wall outlet
USB ports2 – USB-C ports with PD1 – USB-A port1 – USB quick charge 3.0 port1 – PD 45W USB-C ports4 – USB-A 5V/3A ports
DC Output1 – 12V/10A car port1 – 12V/9A car port (regulated)
Solar Input8mm DC, 12V~30V (200W Max)16V-68V 500W/10A max
Weight22.04 pounds37.9 pounds
Dimensions13.1X9.2X11.1 inches14.6X6.5X14.4 inches
Operating Temp14-104oF (-10-40oC)32-104oF (0-40oC)
Recharging Temp32-104oF (0-40oC)No Specified
AC Adapter
DC Car Adapter
Solar Panel Package (not included)
Jackery 1000 vs Bluetti EB150

Jackery Explorer 1000

The Jackery Explorer 1000 displayed
Jackery Explorer 1000

The Explorer series of portable power stations are some of the top power stations in the industry. With a focus on making outdoor life better, Jackery does not disappoint.  

What’s To Like About the Jackery Explorer 1000

There are more than a few things that make the Jackery Explorer 1000 stand apart from the rest. One of the first things that deserves talking about is the Jackery company itself. 

Jackery is a USA based company with headquarters in California. However, Jackery products are made in China. 

That being said, Jackery products are some of the highest rated products on Amazon. This tells me the Jackery Explorer 1000 is a quality made product.   

Jackery was established in 2012 and co-founded by former senior engineer and CEO of Apple, Z. Sun. Z. Sun was a pioneer in the development of lithium battery technology, and brought his 17 years of experience to Jackery. 

Jackery originally built a battery jacket for the iPhone, which established the brand name, Jackery. 

Jackery has earned the trust of millions of customers through their Safety by Design philosophy. This philosophy established a promise to make a safe, environmentally-friendly portable power solution that is mobile enough to take to work or play.  

Through the years Jackery’s products have earned multiple awards, which has solidified Jackery’s reputation as being a leader in making portable electricity that is clean, accessible and outdoor-oriented. 

Jackery’s customer service is excellent. There are many reviews that talk about Jackery’s customer service. Some of the reviewers talked about problems they had with their Explorer 1000 that were resolved by communicating with Jackery’s customer service department. 

Jackery seems to go the extra mile in making things right when customers reach out with problems, such as sending free extras out to customers as an apology for inconveniences. 

Jackery Solar Generator being used for the Van Life
Jackery Power Solutions

The Explorer 1000 has a compact lightweight design and only weighs 22 pounds. It has a ridgid handle that makes it easy to carry and move around, and has all of the features you would expect from a high quality solar generator. 

The regulated 12V port is another huge plus. This allows for a consistent output for your 12V appliances and devices. Also, the port has a dust cover.  

The LCD screen on the Explorer 1000 displays input and output data along with the battery status. 

What’s Not To Like About the Jackery Explorer 1000

There isn’t much to dislike about this power station. However, we can talk about a few things that could be considered a downside. 

The first thing that comes to mind is battery capacity. With only 1000 watt-hours the Explorer 1000 will have to be charged more often than the EB150, which has 1500 watt-hours of capacity. 

The LCD display takes 17-30 seconds to display your power usage and the light turns off after 20 sec. Many reviews complained about this being a big inconvenience. 

Larger output loads cause the fan to turn on, which is a bit loud. 


  • 1002 watt-hour battery capacity
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • MPPT Solar Charge Controller
  • 1000 Watts (2000W peak)
  • Pure Sine Wave AC Inverter
  • LCD screen with real time power display
  • 500+ charge cycles
  • Solarpeak TM Technology
  • Advanced BMS for safe charging
A display of the Jackery Explorer 1000 Faceplate showing output options
Jackery Explorer 1000 Output Options

Appliance Run Time

  • 300W Blender – 13 hours
  • 700W Ice Shaver – 3.5 hours
  • 900W Electric Grill – 50 minutes
  • 60W Mini Fridge – 17 hours
  • 550W Coffee maker – 88 minutes
  • 900W Pressure Cooker – 50 minutes
  • 10W Camera – 50 charges
  • Phone (iPhone 8) – 100 charges
  • 60W TV – 13 hours
  • 5W lights – 76 hours
  • Laptop (Macbook Pro13) – 8 charges
  • CPAP (AC outlet) – 17 hours

Charging Options

A display of the Jackery Explorer 1000 Charging Options
Jackery Explorer 1000 Charging Options
  • 6.5 hours with one 126W Jackery Solarsage 100 solar panel. 

The Solar panel is not included. However, a Solarsage parallel adapter cable is included. 

A complete solar generator package that includes (2) 100W Solarsage solar panels with the Explorer 1000 is available and is one of the highest rated packages available. The package costs about $1500. Check out the latest pricing below. 

A display of the Jackery Explorer 1000 Solar Generator
Jackery Explorer 1000 Solar Generator
  • 5.5 hours using an AC outlet (AC Adapter included)
  • 11.5 hours using a car outlet (12V Car charger cable included)

Reviews and ratings

The Jackery 1000 has a 4.8 star rating on Amazon with thousands of reviews. This is one of the highest rated portable power stations available. 

Here are some things that reviews had to say.

“All-in-all I think this new Jackery 1000 knocks it out of the park in all the areas that matter.” -Jason

-Jason (Amazon Reviewer)

“This is a very reliable and compact unit that can literally go with you anywhere. It is lightweight, extremely practical, mobile, and very powerful. It is very versatile and has so many uses. So if you are looking for a compact powerhouse that can tackle even big loads up to 1000 watts, this is the perfect companion. It is a great value for the price and I give it 5 stars.”

-Repro63 (Amazon Reviewer)

Here’s a great review by Outdoor Gear Review

Video Review of the Jackery Explorer 1000


  • Easy to use
  • Quick charge time
  • Efficient power output
  • Lightweight design
  • Plenty of output options


  • Should be paired with Jackery panels for optimal performance


The Jackery Explorer 1000 costs around $1000. Check out the latest price on Amazon below.

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A display of the Maxoak Bluetti EB150 power station
Maxoak Bluetti EB150

The company was established in 2016 with the vision of providing clean energy to the world through eco-friendly portable solar power generators and power stations. 

Maxoak is a chinese-based firm that has a huge foothold in the battery industry. They applied their skills and advances in the battery industry to bring high quality solar generators to the market. 

What’s To Like About the Maxoak Bluetti EB150

The EB150 is a 1500wh power station. That’s right! It has 1000 watts of power with a 1500 watt-hour battery capacity. What a great balance of wattage and capacity. 

The EB150 has enough capacity to give you confidence in its ability to charge your devices or run your small appliances. 

The Lithium Polymer battery is another great advantage. The technology put into this battery is second to none in performance and allows for over 2500 charge cycles!

The EB150 also has the ability to charge with 500W of solar input. This can be done by stringing portable solar panels together in series, unlike other manufactures who’s input voltage is so low that the solar panels have to be tied together in parallel. 

What does this mean? Faster solar charging from the same number of solar panels. 

What’s Not To Like About the Maxoak Bluetti EB150

The Bluetti EB150 is not chargeable using a 12V car charger. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of this power station. 

While Jackery allows you to charge the Explorer 1000 while driving to your next destination, the EB150 does not support mobile charging. 

The Maxoak Bluetti EB150 is advertised as having three charge options. That is simply not the case. Instead of the third option being a car charger it advertises the third option as a gas generator. This should just be part of the AC adaptor charging option, because that’s what it really is. 

Another thing that can be concerning is how warm the unit gets while charging. Be sure to keep the unit in the shade with plenty of air flow if you’re using solar panels. 

If you are charging with the AC adapter, then don’t set the unit in a cluttered area. Instead, place the unit where air can properly flow in and around to help in cooling. 

A display of the Maxoak Bluetti EB150 charging options
Bluetti Charging Option


  • 1500 Watt-hour battery capacity
  • Lithium Polymer battery
  • MPPT Solar Charge Controller
  • 1000 Watts (1200W peak)
  • Pure Sine Wave AC Inverter
  • LCD screen with real time display
  • 2500+ charge cycles
  • Pairs BLUETTI SP200 200W solar panels (not included)
  • Advanced BMS for safe charging
  • Intelligent cooling control

Appliance Run Time

  • 60W CPAP – 21 hours
  • 300W blender – 4 hours
  • 700W microwave – 1.5 hours
  • 900W electric drill – 1.6 hours
  • 10W lightbulb – 21 hours
  • 70W router – 18 hours
  • 60 Laptop – 21 recharges
  • 30W smartphone – 139 charges

Charge Options

  • 5-5.5 hours using 2 SP200 200W Solar Panel in series. 

Solar panels are not included. However a solar charging cable is included. 

Fast solar charging is accomplished with a maximum input of 500W. Open circuit voltage must be between 16V~68V maximum and no more than . 

Maxoak offers a complete solar generator package that includes the EB150 and (2) SP120W foldable solar panels. The package is comparable in price to the Jackery package at about $1500. Check out Amazon for the latest pricing. 

A display of the Maxoak Bluetti Solar Generator
Bluetti EB150 Solar Generator
  • 7.5-8 hours using an AC outlet (AC adapter included)
  • For a car charging option you have to buy your own power inverter that it ≥300W. 


The Bluetti EB150 has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating on Amazon with hundreds of reviews. 

Here are some things that reviewers had to say.

“This is an EXCELLENT product. It’s super solid and very effective! I’m a youtuber and I use tis unit in my car to charge my gopro, phone, and some other devices when I’m out shooting video’s. I also charge it using solar quite often.

I found a review here that left a negative review because of their misunderstanding of the product. In the review the person incorrectly thought that it would take upwards of 10 hrs to fully recharge the power station via ac wall outlet (the adapter is 160W)…

They also mistakenly thought it also need 10hrs to fully recharge the EB150 via solar panel. Please let me try to explain this inaccurate info. The charge time depends on the OCV (open circuit voltage) of the solar panel… For example, 100w ,300w, 500w solar panel, the final charging times are different.

You can connect your solar panels in a series, for example if you connect two pcs 18v (rated voltage) 150W solar panel in series, the total will be 300W. Also, make sure the total OCV of the solar panel is no more than 60W!!

This is a fabulous unit and it’s well worth every penny! If you want to see my full unboxing and review feel free to search youtube for jiujitsu2000 and once on my channel search for EB150. I hope this review helped! I hope it cleared up some things. Enjoy! Blessings!!”

-Jiujitsu 2000 (Amazon Reviewer)

“This Portable Power Station/Solar Generator has well exceeded my expectations. It’s great value compared to other brands with the same energy capacity. It also comes packaged really well with a ton of dense foam to keep it safe during shipping.

It’s quite heavy so the added shipping protection is welcome. This portable battery packs a lot of energy with what seem to be quality components. I’m able to run my washing machine on it several times with not problems. It can even run a hair dryer using 800 watts continuously without shutting down.

I did notice the internal fan will come on when the DC output goes above 10 watts which I thought was odd. I bought it mainly because of its very robust 500 watt internal solar MPPT charge controller. I plug in a 350 watt LG 60 cell panel and easily charge above 300 watts during full sun.

Highly recommend this for anyone needing 1.5kWh of off grid energy or who need a small backup for when the grid goes down. One thing to note is the included AC adapter gets very hot during charging. I’d keep an eye on it and make sure the adapter has good ventilation.

The included adapter charges at just over 160 watts. It also comes with the MC4 adapter for plugging up solar. With the right solar setup you can charge it up much faster. Just make sure your solar open circuit voltage is no higher than 60v and your solar current doesn’t exceed 10 amps and you should be fine.

I did install an inline 10amp fuse to my positive MC4 connector as an added protection for my solar input. Overall I’m very pleased with this portable battery.”

-Merv (Amazon Reviewer)

Reviews on customer service seemed to be a mixed bag. Some negative reviews seemed to focus around the customer service when their unit experienced a problem. One reviewer said the customer service was unreachable. 

However, there were a lot of other reviews that raved about how great their experience was with the Maxoak customer service. 

Some other negative reviews focused on how loud the unit gets with the cooling fan operating, how hot the unit gets when charging, and the fact that it does not come with a car charging option. 

Here’s a great video review by Flytpath.


  • Large battery capacity
  • Heavy duty build
  • Cooling fan
  • Easy to use


  • No car charging option
  • Gets hot when charging


The Maxoak Bluetti EB150 costs around $1000. Check out the latest price on Amazon below.

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