Hi, and thank you for visiting my website. My name is Christopher Wingo. I’m an average guy who has spent a lifetime enjoying all sorts of outdoor sports. I’m an avid fisherman and hunter; however, I also enjoy almost any other outdoor recreation.

There are very few things in life better than getting out and smelling the fresh air in the mountains, or hearing the sound of a river.

I pride myself in leaving the environment around me better than when I arrive. I designed this website to help others share in a greener outdoor experience.

I was raised in a small mountain town and grew up hiking through the woods and swimming in mountain rivers and lakes. I learned how to hunt and fish from my dad. He always made time to share his love for outdoor sports with his kids.

I remember many hiking trips into the wilderness with family, where we would fish small wilderness lakes. My parents would take me and my three siblings camping every chance they had. Sometimes it would be a rough wilderness camp, and sometimes it would be an easy trip in a camper. However, it was always fun!

As I grew up I developed the same love for all different forms of outdoor activities. Most of my spare time if generally focused toward something outside. Including things like running, hiking, biking, boating, camping and swimming. However, my greatest passion has always been hunting and fishing.

I’ve tried raising my children just as my parents raised me. I made it a priority to pass along the same passion and joy for the outdoors that was passed to me.

I spent a career in law enforcement, helping others solve problems. Working as a patrol officer, school recourse officer, a SWAT team member and a sergeant has increased my desire to pass on my love for the outdoors.

I have found that kids who have a passion for the outdoors will find less time to get into trouble. Therefore, some of the best time I have spent has been in sharing my personal passions with others. Even if it’s just throwing around a football with a group of kids.

My love for teaching others has passed on in my career by being a part-time instructor at the state police academy. At the academy I instruct defensive tactics, police use of force, patrol tactics, firearms, emergency vehicle operations and many other topics with new officers.

In conclusion, I have designed this website to share the GREEN outdoors with others in the world, no matter what FORM it may take. So, tell me…what’s your Green Form?

Feel free to contact me at chris@mygreenform.com