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Recent Roofing Projects

Residential Roofing – LaFayette, Georgia

As a preferred installer for many major retail outlets, we removed and replaced the decking, underlayment and shingles for this customer. This roofing package came with starter, ice and water (around extremities) to assure maximum protection of this ...keep reading

North Chattanooga – Roofing, Remodel & Solar

This is a cool project in North Chattanooga. Working hand in hand with the owner, GreenForm are modernizing this duplex. What started as a roof, soffit and fascia replacement has turned into a complete renovation. The owner has painstakingly saved ev ...keep reading

Residential Standing Seam Metal Roof

The owner of this new construction trusted his custom standing seam metal roof to GreenForm. The customer chose metal for its longevity, appeal and guarantee. Keep watching for updates as there are plans to install solar in the near future! & ...keep reading

Recent Solar Projects

Solar Installation – Custom Cedar Shake Roof

This customer utilized federal and state incentives to justify purchasing a solar installation from GreenForm. This is a custom cedar roof that required special handling. As professional, certified roofers and NABCEP certified solar installers, we w ...keep reading

Downtown Chattanooga Commercial Solar Installation

This local business took the initiative to go Solar with GreenForm! Taking advantage of the Federal 30% tax credit and depreciation on this commercial system, brings their Return on Investment to around 5 years. There is not better investment in the ...keep reading

Recent Construction Projects

Senior Care Center – Remodel

GreenForm proudly takes care of this senior living facility's every construction need. From landscaping all the way to interior design, GreenForm is making this facility a more modern and aesthetically pleasing. ...keep reading

Custom 10kW Ground Mounted

GreenForm custom designed this 10kW system. GreenForm utilized a south facing embankment on the property to install the custom racking system that the array sits on. This customer is looking to the future and eliminating a good portion of their ut ...keep reading


Have you wanted to offer Solar Services in your business, but were unsure how to start or thought it would be too expensive?  GreenForm’s Solar Distributor program is designed to give you the ability to increase your revenue, diversify your product offerings, not pay any upfront fees, and have year-round work.  Find Out More Here

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Brought To You By: Absolute Synergy Squad, LLC